A small guide to online parental control for kids and children

There are a hundred ways to be a kid, to live in a family or to parenting. That’s why it could be utopian to think that there is just one way to avoid online threats for kids. Similarly, to forbid categorically your children to explore the web can be even more dangerous, because sooner or later your kids will find their way to netsurfing and will probably find themselves unprepared for such an experience.

If you wish to protect your children from online threats, the first rule you should follow is to be informed. It can be important to learn how to configure your operating system settings and to keep updated about the latest news and public debates on the subject. After that, we recommend to create a special user account on your device (one for each kid using it) and to install an antivirus, a spyware removal and an anti-malware product.

Every day sexual material, cyber-bulling, violence, nudity, drugs, gambling and guns pose a threat to your kids’ personal growth and safety: a reason to teach your children some tips to avoid dangerous contents and situations. It’s important to warn them to be wary when opening links, downloads, emails and ads. Just teach them to read every text carefully and to avoid clicking “yes” buttons. Then remember that the best way to protect your kids is by gaining their trust in order to make them spontaneously report anything suspicious to you.

Talking of practical tools, the most popular browsers allow a configuration of security settings, but only offer the blockage of a small number of websites. On the contrary, Browser for Kids let you configure with no limits both the number of allowed web sites and bookmarks; so that you’ll have no ads during the netsurfing and password protected settings. Plus, thanks to the “auto-return to homepage” function, you ‘ll be able to decide the time length of your kids’ netsurfing sessions. And if your next worry is how to make your kids satisfied by a range of websites selected by you, just have a look at the following list and you’ll find plenty of ideas about educational activities and online environments for kids:



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