Safe children growing experience with ipad parental control

Today in our society the use of smartphones between children and adolescents is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, walking the streets  is very easy to see children playing with the iphone, instead of a ball, as was happening in the past.
This radical change of behavior , this hurry to grow up, brings with it fears and concerns of parents: What your children doing with their ipad? Have the got a safe browser? What sites they visit? What applications and games kids download?
The issue of parental control was also subject to an EU strategy that would offer children a safe navigation and parents the peace for the safety of their kids.
Were made​​, therefore, collaborations with social service providers in the network that include the creation of  interactive web content and educational, in total security. In fact, safe internet doesn’t only mean more control by parents, but also learning and training necessary to give children a positive idea of the Internet and its proper use.
Were created hundreds of applications for iphone and smartphones that let you control and restrict access to kids to websites reputed too dangerous and violent: due to all these browsers for children, is guaranteed a safe and growing experience also using digital games for free downloadable applications.


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